Learning code can help you get any job!

Learning code can help you get any job!
Oliver M

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Oliver M

May 25, 2015

Learning to code has lots of benefits. Aside from the obvious (like being able to build websites and web applications), coding skills can make you stand out when it comes to looking for career opportunities. EVEN for positions that don't involve writing code on the day-to-day. Or at all!

Non-coding jobs where you'll stand out if you can code


Technical writer

This is like most of the writing I do. Technical writing could mean:

Writing internal documentation

Creating customer support materials (or user guides)

Or even coming up with blog content (like what Randle Browning and Kelli Orrela do here at Skillcrush!)

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Put simply: You understand what you're talking about. As a result, you're able to use the correct terminology and language for the subject you're writing about. It's tough to be a technical writer if you don't understand the topic at hand. People who know the given topic (say, Ruby on Rails) will pick up on it quickly if you're trying to sail in unknown waters.

Codecademy: Learn to code

Product development/Management

Project manager

Project managers are needed across a wide variety of industries. They typically manage budgets as well as timelines for projects, and they also explain and coordinate project deliverables, plus, of course, coordinate teams of engineers, designers, and upper-level managers.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Communicating with people in technical roles (developers, engineers, quality assurance (QA), and designers) is key to project management. In fact, many times, the project manager is the link between the team and upper management. So, if you can understand each person's role and duties, you'll be a much more effective project manager.

9 Places You Can Learn How to Code (for Free)


User experience (UX) designer

UX is a wide-ranging field which can include everything from research to designing user-friendly products. Ultimately, the "user" is at the center of a UX specialist's world. And their goal is to make products or websites easy to use.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

UX designers must collaborate with other people like product managers and engineers. Aside from being familiar with design principles, accessibility standards, and mockup tools, many successful UX designers know how to code themselves because coding comes in handy for quickly prototyping applications as well as understanding the limitations of what engineering or development teams can create.

CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game

Marketing/Biz dev

Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinator roles can vary from company to company, but they generally involve executing marketing initiatives, tracking the progress of campaigns, and refining strategies based on results.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Like most careers, marketing has gone digital. Important marketing components, like SEO for instance, involve some HTML coding, and using tools like Google Analytics involves a level of tech skills too. Just understanding how websites and the Internet as a whole work will help you be a better marketer.

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