Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Mar 31, 2017

Chrome extensions for social media marketing that can change your life.

In case that you don’t use some or all those Chrome extensions, I will give you a few reasons to start using them. 

Why I choose Chrome extensions for social media marketing?

One of the reasons is to help me reduce the time I spend too much time working some unnecessary things. By using those Chrome extensions I spend less time doing some commonly used actions.

A lot of Chrome extensions are just little more than a marketing for premium services. That can be so frustrating. I use lazy methods when picking Chrome extensions. If is no benefits from using in the start I just go to another.

Almost every Chrome extension for social media marketing demands some requirements and offer you some benefits of using it. Spare some time and explore those benefits. 

I picked for you a few that have great benefits:


When grammar is not your strong suit, this Chrome extension can be very helpful. This extension can catch more than 250 types of errors, even a comma misuse and more uncommon ones. Your writing will be much easier and more professional.


One more Chrome extension for social media marketing that can give you more benefits. This is a perfect hashtag strategy optimization tool. RiteTag has the ability to give you instant feedback on hashtag choices as you type. You can use it as an advisory tool.

The RiteTag show you with colors how strong you hashtag is. It uses green, blue, red and gray color to show you what effect of your hashtags are.

Green – good hashtags for immediate exposure;
Blue – hashtags that will help with exposure over time;
Red – hashtags that will result in your post being lost;
Grey – hashtags with low following rates.


This is very simple but also a very effective tool. Twitshot extract images from a link and attaches them to your tweet. Opposite to an auto-generated preview, the image will show alongside your tweet.
It is the old story that “tweets with expanded images get 150% more retweets”.


This Chrome extension offers you a possibility to save different content to view later. Pocket has the possibility to expand and be a great content curation tool. It will recommend content linked to your niche and the sort of content that you have already engaged with.


This is a great tool for pick colors. If you often create graphics with your own brand colors this will be perfect Chrome extension for you. You can easy to access to all color codes.

I was picked a few Chrome extensions because I use them a lot. If you have some better proposition I’m always ready to hear. Write about your experiences below in comments.

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