How To Keep The Data Safe

How To Keep The Data Safe
Srdjan Kali

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Srdjan Kali

Dec 19, 2018

What to do when the information system in your company does not work?

It is clear that unpredictable things happen, and it is precisely for this reason that you need to be ready for them. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for (un)expected to successfully carry out the recovery, i.e. Disaster Recovery. This is especially important when it comes to small and medium enterprises.

Unlike large companies that do not complain about the funds, in order to protect their data, there are smaller companies, however, and they must first consult with their budget. A backup to the cloud is certainly a wise solution that does not have to cost a lot, but it's just one option. An additional protection is always welcome.



Imagine having information on your server, but also on the clod. We do not mean a standard backup, but a creation of a local server image! By creating duplicates you get a lot more because in the event something happens in the local, you are all available online. If the local infrastructure is virtualized in this way, "lost data" will in fact never disappear.

How is cloning different from backup? Imagine that you have a house and want everything that is inside to be preserved. In case of backup, your items are carefully packaged in boxes and stored in a safe warehouse. In the case of replication, you have a duplicate of the house in another, safe location that is guarded by security services 24 hours a day. An additional bonus is that you can access your "other house" whenever you want!

In this way, you will always have access to your data and even do a system restore, so that you do not get out of one byte of data that you had on your local server. This is possible, thanks in particular to the Always-on option that guarantees high data security.


It is of the utmost importance that the information system is always available for work, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. CloudEx allows small and medium-sized businesses to have this "always-on" option that was previously available to large companies.

In collaboration with the world's leading company for protecting business data and the functionality of the IT environment - Veeam, CloudEx has customized its cloud environment to establish Veeam Availability Suite solutions.

CloudEx Veeam Disaster Recovery creates and maintains replicas (cloned copies) of virtual machines from your system, along with a functional virtual infrastructure (network, storeroom). In the event of a malfunction in the operation of a user machine, the system administrator's command triggers the automated process of linking and launching that replica in the cloud.


Data is secure because virtual servers are constantly updated and are waiting to take over in case of critical system failure. CloudEx Veeam Disaster Recovery can provide a single server or entire IT infrastructure. The system also includes an automatically updated backup server from which you can save or restore copies.

The Provider generates an SSL certificate for the user, which serves to establish a secure and encrypted communication channel between the user and the service provider. No one can interrupt this communication or steal data.

In this way, you provide the local infrastructure in multiple ways, without worrying about unforeseen circumstances such as failure, virus, human error, force majeure, or theft. Best of all, this option is not at all unattainable, and what's more, it's extremely convenient - especially when you understand what you get. Actually, you do not lose everything. Never.

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