Create Strong Web Presence and Identity - Part 1

Create Strong Web Presence and Identity - Part 1
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Sep 11, 2019

Over seven billion people live in the world, and each has its own unique identity.

Of course, some have a generally recognizable identity like Obama, Nikola Tesla, even Trump and some are less recognizable, so they are known only in ‘the hood’. There are already billions of websites on the Web, all of which have some kind of identity, so you have web names like Google or Yahoo, as well as small local websites of a nearby pharmacy or corner bakery. All of these sites also have their own identity, that is, a set of traits that sets them apart from the rest.

Strong identity = success

In the business world, and even in life, the rule has always been that the stronger and more recognizable your identity, the more successful you are. A stronger original identity brings more success. Just as you create your personality (individuality) throughout your life, so on the Web, you create your own identity, your identity card on the web. The most successful businesses on the Internet are not accidentally the sites with the strongest identity. Famous brand names like Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, as well as global corporate sites such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, MacDonalds, are also the most famous, most visited and most respected websites.

Quality character traits

Just as your personal information, such as your address, place and date of birth, is written in your identity card, there are also some important specific information for your website. In order to think about her identity and make it better and stronger, you must first define what her character traits are. And only then, how will you improve these particular character traits and make them different, better, more desirable than the rest?

Openness and honesty

Let's say you have your own company website and you want to create a strong identity for it. What will you need? First, you will make sure that in relation to what your company has to offer, visitors to the site can find everything they need. Who you are, where you are, what you do, when you are in business, what you offer, why it matters to visitors, what sets you apart from the rest and the like. Have a clear communication strategy, that is, know what and how to say it? That first and foremost character trait of your site must be openness and sincerity, to make it clear to anyone who comes to your site that you have nothing to hide and that you are completely honest.

Transparency and ease of communication

How many times have you gone to a company website without having a contact address, or anywhere to see who the leading people of the company are, or missing key information about what they do. This is where the rule comes in that it is better not to have a site than to be inappropriate. The worst part is that the site disappoints with its unprofessionalism and lack of information. Also, it is important how easily a visitor to your site can manage. To always know where he is and how to easily get where he intended, or what is the navigation of the site?

Second part coming soon.

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