Rope Stretch technology for BIAX Film Stretching Lines

Rope Stretch technology for BIAX Film Stretching Lines
GloBra / K Industries BIAX

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GloBra / K Industries BIAX

Oct 6, 2019

Rope Stretch Technology has reached its final development state by the successful operation of its 3rd testbed.

The Testbed has been built to finally test relations between preasure on the ropes to hold the film and the related tension of the ropes.

1. Grapping the film between two ropes

Immediately after the 2 inlet wheels the film is graped and fixed by guide elements pressing the ropes together.

2. Pressing the ropes to hold the film

This picture shows the system of guide elements and rollers pressing two ropes together so to hold the film when being transported and stretched.


3. Stretching the film

A special link system between guide elements allows totally flexible stretching angles at any point of the stretching section.


4. Film realease and outlet

The film is realeased by opening the guise rolls in the last guise element.


This test stand uses a special rope temperature resistant and made endlessly. This rope will be used for lines with not so high stretching forces. 

A special rope development has been done for high stretching forces and high temperatures which will be made public at the K Fair in Düsseldorf from October 16th to 23rd 2019

For more information please download the RST Folder under this Link:

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