Best Hollywood Movies Based on Stock Market

Best Hollywood Movies Based on Stock Market
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Oct 9, 2019

Watching movies are fun and entertaining, but if you get a chance to learn better from them. And if you are a stock market lover or a beginner, then the list of these films is something you should know

Watching movies are fun and entertaining, but if you get a chance to learn better from them. And if you are a stock market lover or a beginner, then the list of these films is something you should know. These will not only give you emotional satisfaction because you are connected to this market, but you will get to learn a lot from them.

The Big Short (2015)

It is a recent Oscar-nominated stock market movie that sufficiently delineated the cause of the 2008 stock market crash. It has its own style as a film. Sometimes a documentary, sometimes a comedy, but originally a drama since the crisis has cost 8 million people their jobs and homes. It is the story of four extraordinary people in finance, who predicted the 2008 market crash. While the whole world was extended, these people shortened the market. For his investors, he made large sums of money, while all the markets were falling apart. They felt terrible that the financial world had to collapse to prove that they were right, but they also acknowledged that the information was for anyone to see. To experience the fantastic financial world, check it out yourself. If you are from a non-financial background, some technical jargon will be challenging to understand.

Wall Street (1987)

Wall Street is the story of a young and impatient stockbroker who is ready to do anything to get to the top, including illegally trading inside information taken by a ruthless and greedy corporate raider. His name is Gordon Gekko, a name undoubtedly inspired by the lizard. Which feeds the insects and bites its tail when trapped? With his devilish charm, thin-skinned hair, city-college chip on the shoulder, and age-defining "greed-as-good" mantra, Gordon Gekko could play one of the all-time excellent film roles. Michael Douglas' performance as Gekko won a deserved Oscar in 1988 and "Wall Street" needed to be seen. The film has a traditional plot structure: a hungry child is influenced by a rich older man, is seduced by him, is betrayed, and then tries to bend the tables. The exact details of the plot are not as vital as the changes we see in the characters.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

It may be one of the most popular stock market movies. Even a non-financial person can relate to this film very quickly. It is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, ranging from the crime, corruption, and collapse of the federal government to that of a wealthy high-life stockbroker. It describes Belfart's outlook on his life as a stockbroker in New York City and his company Stratton Oakmont, engages Wall Street in widespread corruption and fraud that eventually led to his demise. Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese is doing a fantastic job at all times to maintain this film. The film never fails to reduce its energy or sense of humor, such as due to drugs.

Million Dollar Traders (2009)

Whether you are an amateur or professional businessman, or even aspiring to become a trader, this series of documentaries will impress you. It is a series of three episodes depicting an experiment on eight ordinary people, running a fortnight of a million dollars, a fortnight of extensive training and a two-month own hedge fund. Financial markets begin to boom as novices learn the black art of trading stocks and shares. Making money comes second to basic survival because of the brutal realities of global economics prejudice traders. This documentary corresponds to actual work experience in a real business environment. Shows why trading is not for everyone? Traders develop in various cases, some unexpectedly crash, and others are simply spectacular. The traders' interactions and reactions to performance stress make it a solid chain.

It is not about any investment fraud or monetary crisis; it is about the real-life experience of traders that will be strongly related to individuals working in the sector. No wonder, it is a must-see and it is the first place on my list.


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