Benefits of Autophagy

Benefits of Autophagy
Stefan Ivanovic

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Stefan Ivanovic

Oct 20, 2019

Here are the most important benefits of autophagy.

Autophagy against malignancy

Autophagy acts as a preventive and therapeutic agent for malignancies. In recent decades, the rise of malignancies has been increasing, so one should think carefully about this topic. Tumor cells in the process of autophagy are recognized as excess, as something that is unnecessary, and therefore they are decomposed and recycled by the body.

Autophagy against stroke (stroke) and heart attack

Autophagy prevents cardiovascular disease, and rehabilitates in the treatment of already occurring such diseases; especially in the prevention of heart attack. So, it will help to reduce and eliminate various heart weakness, aritmia, heart attack, coronary disease; and the like.

Autophagy against autoimmune diseases

Immune system disorder, more specifically, perceives the immunity of its cell as something foreign and thus moves into self-destruction by producing antibodies; And this is how autoimmune processes (diseases) are created. Autophagy will just help its cleansing mechanisms balance the immunity and thus lead the body to healing.

Autophagy against diabetes

Hyperinsulinemia (insulin resistance) is when cells that reject normal insulin uptake for better flow of energy and functionality in the body. Further, such disorder leads to excess body weight, polycystic ovaries, as well as menstrual cycle disorder, sterility, etc. And all this further leads to diabetes. During autophagy, the level of insulin in the blood is very low, which activates the hormone glucagon (one that wants to increase glucose) and then draws all the remaining energy out of the cells, bringing the insulin into balance.

Autophagy against bacterial and viral infections

Autophagy will prevent the onset and development of various viruses, influenza as well as bacterial infections. Particulars will come in handy at typical times of the year when outbreaks occur. By autophagy, the immune system works infinitely better.

Autophagy lowers cholesterol

The fat on the blood vessels can be drastically reduced by the process of autophagy, thus improving the whole organism.

Also, research has shown that autophagy is excellent in combating the onset and treatment of dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

Autophagy slows down the aging process

Reducing calories will also slow down aging, and in addition to nutrition (what, when and how much we eat), healthy physical activity will help. Autophagy through fasting will bring about complete regeneration of the organism and thus rejuvenate it. When bad cells self-destruct, then the process of secreting the growth hormone (creatine) of new cells is initiated. In addition, the whole life energy for daily functioning is increased in the body.

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